Law of Attraction (LOA) on the Web


Posted on 21st February 2011 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Law of Attraction |Positive Thoughts

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Magnet IconI’ve been a firm believer of the Law of Attraction since I picked up the book “The Secret” four years ago.  It sounds silly to me to say I believe in the Law of Attraction, it’s like saying I believe in gravity.  Both of them are always working just one is more tangible than the other.

There are so many good books out there on LOA and living positively, I bet I could read a book a day and it would take years to get through them all. But where the LOA community fails (In my opinion) is on the web.  Every website I’ve visited lately, provides very little information, and is all about selling books or programs and are filled with other advertisements.  They are ugly, uninspiring and feel very prey-ish.  Even some of my favorite authors have similar terrible website styles.

I’ll admit it, I was first attracted to the LOA because of the idea attracting money to myself, but what I quickly realized was what I really wanted is peace, love, joy, harmony and happiness in my life.  And that is exactly what I’m attracting to myself now. I understand you need a gimmick to get peoples attention, but there is so much more to living a positive life, I wish those attributes were reflected better on the web, especially from some of the top promoters of the subject.

Ok, I’m done being negative, back to the positive side of the world!

Widen your Focus!


Posted on 16th February 2011 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Mood |Positive Thoughts


Widen your FocusI got a great reminder this morning to Widen my Focus on life, thanks to The Book of Awakening.

Our life is surrounded by miracles, like the sun showing up every morning,  trees that started out as acorns, and of course us humans, just to name a few but we seem to forget about these miracles in our life when the daily routine gets in the way.

How do we change this?… Widen our focus!  When you stub your toe, all you can think about is the pain, and the stupid piece of furniture you just tripped on, completely forgetting that your miracle heart didn’t skip a beat or that your miracle brain sent that pain signal instantaneously.

Next time you’re fixated on something negative in your life, widen your focus until you see the beauty that is in your life!

A Month of Gratitude is Coming to an End


Posted on 29th November 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Gratitude


I’ve spent the last month focused on gratitude.  Everyday I’d write 100 things I was grateful for, I’d meditate on Gratitude and as I’d drift to sleep, I’d count my gratitudes.  What a peace I feel within my soul.  No matter if I was having a good day or a bad day, I could always find a ton of things to be grateful for.

So even though my focus will change to something new next month, I still plan on devoting a large chunk each day to Gratitude.  It brings me Joy.  Hey maybe next month I’ll focus on Joy!!!

Happy End of November!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony!

Everyday my Family Gratitude Grows!


Posted on 6th November 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Gratitude

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Today was planned for a few weeks, a girl’s day out of shopping, eating and more shopping!  Not really a spiritually lifting day, just a day of fun.

What a great day it turned out to be!  We spent a few hours in the car, no radio, just conversation about anything and everything. Then we shopped for a few hours and met up for lunch.  The food was great; the conversation was great (again).  It was a perfect rejuvenating day.

I’ve always been grateful for my family, but as I get older and I realize that not everyone is so fortunate to have “friends” as family members, my gratitude grows more and more for them.  Thank You Mom, Thank You Sister, Thank You Cousins and Thank You Universe for this amazing family I’m apart of!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony!

What “Gratitude” Does for Me


Posted on 3rd November 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Gratitude |Positive Thoughts

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1) Reminds me life is greater than my problems.

No matter how bad my day, when I remember to be grateful for nature, I’m immediately reminded that I’m a part of something huge!

2) Quickly changes my attitude

As soon as I start my “Gratitudes” my attitude immediately lightens and brightens. How can I feel down when I have my beautiful niece, my super fun car or even running water to be grateful for!

3) It makes “Good” just appear!

When I’m focused on gratitude, more and more things that I love seem to magically appear in my life!

4) Brings me peace

When I have gratitude at the forefront of my life, I feel very peaceful. Even if I have a lot on my plate at the time, there is peace in knowing that I truly enjoy the blessings in my life.

5) Inspires Me

My gratitude makes me more charitable. The more I realize how grateful I am, not only for the amazing things in my life, but for the little things too, the more I want to give to others.

Some Kind of Wonderful!


Posted on 2nd November 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in 31 Words/31 Days


Day 29 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  WONDERFUL

Friday was wonderful, well not exactly but the theme for the day was “Wonderful”.

The day was just your run of the mill Friday.  I was very busy at work (as usual) and then I spent the evening shopping.  Not much happened that you’d label “Wonderful”.

So when I reflected on the day, I had to get into a different mindset.  As always, gratitude for the day helped me think of a few wonderful things that happened.

  • I realized I had a pink flower popping up on my front door planter (It’s October, that never happens)
  • And then I realized I didn’t wear a coat all day!  Woohooo!
  • I had a good movie on the DVR
  • And I had Chocolate Chip Cookies!

So the day did turn out kind of Wonderful

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

Peace Out Sauerkraut!


Posted on 1st November 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in 31 Words/31 Days |Peace


Day 30 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  PEACE

Saturday was “Peace” day and it was spent with my extended family.  The day included a ton of kids running around, non-stop eating, bad football and jumping in leaves.  Not exactly what I picture when I think of peace, yet it was peaceful.  I had nowhere else I wanted to be.  Nothing else I wanted to do.  It was loud and chaotic and it was peace!

Peace is not always quiet yoga sessions, a day of meditation or a hike in the woods, sometimes peace is found in a pile of leaves full of toddlers and crazy adults!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

Gratitude – There’s an App for that!


Posted on 1st November 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Apps |Gratitude |Journal


I was searching the Internet for Gratitude and came across this app!

Happy Tapper Web Grab

I have a “smartphone”, but I haven’t become one of those people who use their phone for everything.  But since I know a lot of people who do, I figured I’d share this find.

Have you tried it?  Let me know your thoughts!

Success! I did it!


Posted on 1st November 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in 31 Words/31 Days


Those of you with Toddlers… are you hearing Dora singing “I Did It”?

Day 31 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  SUCCESS

I have a track record of sometimes not finishing what I start.  But this project I did it, I finished it!  I have to admit, I’m patting myself on my back right now

So did I gain anything from this experiment?


I realized that most days of my life had gone by un-reflected on.  I go through the motions of reflecting on the day, but having something different to look at everyday, really made me look at my day in a brand new light.

Through this experiment, I discovered that everyday, no matter what happens you can find something amazing, wonderful, peaceful, full of love, etc… It’s all there, just sometimes we have to look for it!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

Feeling Optimistic!


Posted on 28th October 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in 31 Words/31 Days |Gratitude |Positive Thoughts

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Day 28 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  OPTIMISTIC

When I started on this new life path I’m on, I discovered that I had conditioned myself to be negative. When I realized how negative my thoughts were, I got very depressed and thought “How can I ever break this cycle?”.  So I just started small and focused more on gratitude.   I am happy to report that 3 years later, I am a more positive person, more compassionate and kind.  I still have negative tendencies but I do see the positive more readily now.

Every few hours today I would stop what I was doing and take a mental check to see if I was optimistic about what I was doing.  If I wasn’t then I put it aside and moved on to another project.  I only had to put 1 thing aside today.  While working on my new task, I tried to think of positive things about the project I put to the side.  Still, I wasn’t feeling it.  Then it hit me…I don’t have to do that project!  I delegated it to my assistant and moved forward optimistically through my day.  When you focus on the positive, the negative finds it’s way out of your life.  Isn’t that amazing!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony