Spiritual Leaders with Twitter Accounts


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Watkins Review Online released their 100 Spiritual Power List by Watkins.

Here is that same list with as many Twitter accounts as I could find. If you know of any I’m missing please let me know.

1. Eckhart Tolle


2. Dalai Lama


3. Dr Wayne W. Dyer


4. Thich Nhat Hanh


5. Deepak Chopra


6. Louise L. Hay


7. Paulo Coelho


8. Oprah Winfrey


9. Ken Wilber
10. Rhonda Byrne
11. James Redfield


12. Neale Donald Walsch


13. Doreen Virtue


14. Alejandro Jodorowsky


15. Richard Bach
16. Alex Grey
17. Byron Katie


18. Masaru Emoto


19. Nelson Mandela
20. Bernie Siegel
21. Caroline Myss


22. Brian Weiss


23. Mantak Chia


24. John Gray
25. Gregg Braden


26. Stephen R. Covey


27. Marianne Williamson


28. Desmond Tutu
29. Mata Amritanandamayi


30. Philip Berg
31. Ervin Laszlo


32. Andrew Harvey
33. Don Miguel Ruiz


34. Joseph Alois Ratzinger
35. Krishna Das
36. Drunvalo Melchizedek
37. Sai Baba
38. Jack Kornfield


39. Pema Chödrön
40. T.K.V. Desikachar
41. Esther & Jerry Hicks
42. Dan Brown
43. Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi
44. Diana Cooper

http://twitter.com/#!/dianacooper55 (?)

45. Ram Dass


46. Andrew Weil


47. Satya Narayan Goenka
48. Jon Kabat-Zinn
49. Alan Moore
50. Dan Millman


51. Bruce Lipton
52. Peter Kingsley
53. Karen Armstrong
54. Judy Hall
55. Colin Wilson


56. Joscelyn Godwin
57. James Lovelock
58. Satish Kumar
59. Shakti Gawain


60. Elaine Pagels
61. Kyozan Joshu Sasaki
62. Gary Zukav


63. Erich von Däniken
64. David Deida
65. Oberto Airaudi ‘Falcon’
66. Stuart Wilde


67. John Bradshaw


68. Jeff Foster


69. Patrick Holford
70. Andrew Cohen


71. Vladimir Megre
72. Thomas Cleary
73. Daniel Pinchbeck

http://twitter.com/#!/DanielPinchbeck (?)

74. Jonathan Goldman
75. Sonia Choquette


76. Seyyed Hossein Nasr
77. Mother Meera
78. Barefoot Doctor


79. Richard Bandler
80. Robert Bly
81. Adyashanti

http://twitter.com/#!/adyashanti (?)

82. Sogyal Rinpoche
83. Li Hongzhi
84. Sri Bhagavan
85. Rupert Sheldrake
86. John & Caitlín Matthews
87. Chogyal Namkhai Norbu
88. Kenneth Grant*
89. Stanislav Grof
90. James Hillman
91. Clarissa Pinkola Estés
92. Stephen Levine
93. Candace Pert
94. Barbara Ann Brennan
95. Coleman Barks
96. Robert Thurman
97. B.K.S Iyengar
98. William Bloom
99. Lynne McTaggart


100. Marion Woodman

(for full details read the 100 List in the Watkins Review #26)

Law of Attraction (LOA) on the Web


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Magnet IconI’ve been a firm believer of the Law of Attraction since I picked up the book “The Secret” four years ago.  It sounds silly to me to say I believe in the Law of Attraction, it’s like saying I believe in gravity.  Both of them are always working just one is more tangible than the other.

There are so many good books out there on LOA and living positively, I bet I could read a book a day and it would take years to get through them all. But where the LOA community fails (In my opinion) is on the web.  Every website I’ve visited lately, provides very little information, and is all about selling books or programs and are filled with other advertisements.  They are ugly, uninspiring and feel very prey-ish.  Even some of my favorite authors have similar terrible website styles.

I’ll admit it, I was first attracted to the LOA because of the idea attracting money to myself, but what I quickly realized was what I really wanted is peace, love, joy, harmony and happiness in my life.  And that is exactly what I’m attracting to myself now. I understand you need a gimmick to get peoples attention, but there is so much more to living a positive life, I wish those attributes were reflected better on the web, especially from some of the top promoters of the subject.

Ok, I’m done being negative, back to the positive side of the world!

The Honest Truth


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Day 20 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  HONEST

I led my life believing that life just happened and I had nothing to do with its outcome, I had no responsibility.   So when my life came crashing down around me, I blamed every external factor I could.  Things got so bad, I had no choice but to start to look internally and take a honest look at my life.

It wasn’t a pretty process, and it wasn’t quick either, but the minute I was honest with myself and realized I caused a lot of the destruction in my life, it freed me from it.  I realized that I can own the bad as well as the good in my life.  I can see things as a learning experience and just move on from it.  I can admit and own my mistakes and say “Yes, it was my fault, but I’m a better person because of it”.  What a freeing feeling that is.

The truth will set you free, it may hurt to get there but it’s worth it.

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony



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Day 19 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  Harmony

Harmony is something I strive for everyday.  I don’t always hit it but I always try.  When I saw “Harmony” pop up on my calendar for Tuesday, I thought “piece of cake” and guess what it…it was!

Tuesday is a loooooonnnnngggg day for me.  I have standing meetings and family commitments that keep me hopping from morning to night.  I kind of dread Tuesdays, but I woke up in a fantastic mood, my meetings were great and my after-work activities went smoothly!  I was in complete harmony with my life.

It was a hectic day but being in harmony made the day enjoyable and kind of peaceful. I think every word I’ve had this month has been a word I can’t live without experiencing once a day, but probably no more so than “Harmony”.  Living in Harmony is living in peace, in love and happiness.  It’s a great state to be in and something I will continue to strive for everyday!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

Wherefore art thou Energy?


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Day 14 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  ENERGY

I’m one of those weird people who know everything is energy, from the couch I’m sitting on to the dog laying next to me, everything on this earth is energy.  In my mind everything is alive with energy!

Energy also affects Energy so I try to keep the energy around me positive. I don’t watch the news, I stay away from negative people, I try to stay conscious of my thoughts and I’m a vegetarian because I don’t want to take on the energy of the killed animal.

So here I am naturally tuned into energy but on the day I’m supposed to focus on it I really don’t feel it!  I had a great day, I laughed a lot, the weather was awesome, I got a lot done, etc… But nothing really felt energetic or stuck out at me as an “energy” moment.  Maybe I’m so tuned in, it’s like the air and I just know it’s there.

Since the day isn’t over yet, I’m going to focus on the energy around me and see if anything amazing happens. Stay tuned…..(Vibrational pun intended :-D)

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

1-Minute Happiness Break


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If you’re feeling sad, angry, lost, confused or any other feeling that brings about negative energy ask yourself this; “Is that energy serving me in a constructive way?” If the answer is no, then choose to be happy, even if it is just for a minute.

The next time you are consumed with a negative emotion.

  • Take a moment and think of one thing that is going right in your life.  If you’re like me (the old me) and enjoy a good pity party every now and then, this may be hard to do at first, but eventually remembering the good things in life will be easier.
  • Hold that positive happy thought in your mind for a full minute.
  • Make sure you smile during this minute.  It sounds weird but it works.
  • When the minute is up, go back to your negative emotion or continue being happy, the choice is yours.  The choice is always yours!

Prepare for a Negative Moment:

I don’t like to wallow in the negative anymore but I do know that I will have negative experiences every now and then.  To combat them I’ve prepared things to help me if I need to take a happiness break:

Before you’re in a crisis:

Make a list of 25 or more things that you Love in your life.
Keep the list handy, or memorize the top 5.
My list includes: Family, friends, my dog, the color pink, chocolate, etc…

Surround yourself with things that make you happy
Pictures of your loved ones (don’t forget the furry ones), favorite music, bright colors, etc…  Have them in your home, at work, and anywhere else you spend a lot of time.  This will serve as a reminder of your true joyous life, not just in a crisis but all the time.

When you’re having a happy moment, make a mental note
I discovered this trick on vacation in Turkey.  I was in awe of all that surrounded me; and I said to myself “if you ever have a bad day again, remember this moment”.  After I said that, I took mental notes of everything, the sights, the sounds, the smells, how I was feeling.  I can now transport myself to the coast of Turkey in a matter of seconds and experience it all over again.  Heck, that experience was so amazing; I summon it even when I’m not having a bad day!

This exercise isn’t meant for you to bury your head in the sand and ignore what is happening in your life.  It’s intended to give you a mental break and serve as a reminder that life is about good times as well as bad.  I believe most negative emotions come from a feeling of losing control or hopelessness and this exercise say’s “Hey wait a minute I’m in control of my life” It puts you back in the driver’s seat where you belong.

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony.

Is it true? Can you fix it? = Moving on!


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Question Marks:  Is it True?  Can you fix it?How many times have you spent worrying or angry about something only to find out the other party involved was so not on the same page as you?  They had no clue you were angry, hurt or worried.  How much time and energy have you wasted on something that wasn’t true?

A few years ago I started to ask myself a very simple question before I exerted negative energy…Is it true?  If I can’t answer 100% yes, then I drop my negative energy and move on to something new!

This is the kind of situation I’m talking about:

Your Mental Dialog: My Boss is being an ass again, she must be unhappy with my work.  She didn’t make any comments on the last project I turned in.  Oh crap, I probably screwed the whole thing up

Before you go any further with your mental dialog ask yourself – Is it true? Maybe it is, but if you can’t say it’s 100% true, why waste time worrying about it?  If it is true, you’ll eventually find out about it, but until then you don’t have to worry.

What do you do if it is true?

If it is true, the next question to ask is  – Can you fix it?

  • If yes, then fix it and move on.
  • If it’s no, then look at it as a learning experience and move on to something positive!

The majority of the time, you wont have to ask yourself “Can you fix it?” For me, I bet 9 times out of 10, I can’t be 100% sure my inner dialog is true.  It really is freeing to live this way!

Since I believe whatever energy you give out; you get back, avoiding unnecessary worrying is essential to having a happy life.  Are there times you should worry?  Yes, but only when there are absolutely no other possibilities to your situation.

I still worry about dumb things I can’t control, but as soon as I notice I’m doing it, I ask my simple question(s) and move on!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

#MeditationMonday for the Mainstream!


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Meditation is an amazingly simple way to transform your life, but so many people shy away from it for a number of reasons:

  • It’s too strange
  • It takes too much time
  • I can’t make that kind of commitment
  • It seems pointless to sit still
  • I don’t know how

I too had all of those same excuses, so I can relate, but I challenge you to meditate for 10 minutes the next 4 Mondays and see if you can see a difference.  If you can’t; at least you gave it a try, but if you can, you’re about to change your life!  How cool is that?!

A simple meditation:

  • Sit in a comfy chair in a quiet room
  • Set your intention (Tell yourself why you are meditating:  “I’m meditating today to have clearer mind” or “I’m meditating because I need guidance in my life.”, etc…)
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes (There’s an app for that!)
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe normally, but count your breaths.
  • If your mind wanders, refocus your mind on your breathing and start counting over.
    • You can also focus your thoughts on your intention but I found that hard to when I first started meditating.
  • Keep doing this for the 10 minutes.

Don’t beat yourself up if your mind wanders.  Your mind was made to think, so it’s only natural that your mind will start to roam.

If you get antsy, that’s normal too!  You not only have to train your mind for this, but your body too!  It will get easier!

I’m not an expert at meditation, in fact I think I’m a novice, but I believe so much in the benefits, I want to share with you what I know!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony!

Beauty in Gratitude


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Do you notice your surroundings; I mean really notice what is going around you?

If you live your life in gratitude, you will!

ButterflyFor the majority of my life I walked around oblivious to what was happening around me.  I didn’t look at clouds, flowers or even people walking by. But when I started to change the way I thought about life and started being grateful for what I had, the world around me became beautiful!  The annoying Geese who pooped all over the sidewalk at work, became gorgeous!  Seeing the sunrise on a weekday morning was such a blessing and now I see butterflies all the time.

These things were always around me but I’m finally in a place where I can appreciate them for just “being”.  When the world around me starts to become invisible or worse “ugly”, it’s the best indicator that I’m not aligned with a grateful energy and I need to change my thoughts!   As soon as I do, the beauty of the world is again in my scope.

My favorite beautiful moment came right in the beginning of my life transformation.  I was walking from my car into work and a deer came from nowhere and ran right in front of me.  I could have reached out and touched him.  Where I live, you see deer all the time, but they always runaway when they see you.  To have one run in my direction and have such a peaceful energy about him, it was beautiful.  Now if this had happened to my old-self, this story would have been about “The Day a Deer Tried to Kill Me”. But now that I am grateful for the simplest things I can enjoy and see the beauty in everything!  It’s a great way to live!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony!