Meditation Breakthrough?


Posted on 4th January 2011 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Meditation


It’s no secret that I’m not very good at mediating. I’ve been meditating for a couple of years now but I still find myself going through my To-Do list or rehashing a conversation, etc…. It’ not a pure moment that is for sure. Even though I’m not good at it, I enjoy it, I get a half-hour to myself and I feel refreshed afterwards, totally worth my time!

My New Years Resolution is to improve my meditation skills. I’ve been doing the same thing over and over again with the same results (isn’t that the definition of insanity?), so I decided today would be different and it was amazing!

Change #1

Set a goal.

I usually just meditate to clear my mind, but now I’m going to attach a goal to every meditation I do.

Today’s Goal – Clear mind to work on my start-up business tonight

I even put a pad of paper next to me so that I could start working right away.

Change #2

Go it alone!

Today I listened to beautiful sounds (Ocean waves & Tibetan Singing Bowls) instead of guided meditations.

Change #3

Sit down and palms up!

How simple! Instead of sitting with my back straight and feet on the floor, I sat how I wanted at that moment. Today it was with knees folded and open palms tomorrow it might be something else.

Change #4

Focus on something other than breathing

I don’t know about you, but when I focus on my breathing, I change my breathing and I get very uncomfortable. During today’s meditation I focused on the energy I could feel in my hands. I thought of it as a tether to Source (I hope I didn’t loose you on that one 😉 ).

So here it goes, I start my meditation and within a few minutes, my head was swirling with thoughts. I tried to quiet them but they kept coming and coming . Finally I realized all of these thoughts were about my new business venture. New ideas were flying at me at lightening speed. Names, new product ideas and details I never thought of before were rushing into my brain. It was awesome. I ended up interrupting my “meditation” a couple of times so that I could write down these ideas.

I don’t know if this qualifies as a “meditation” but it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had while meditating! I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!


Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

Meditation and my Distracted Mind


Posted on 28th October 2010 by Theresa Enspir8ion in 31 Words/31 Days |Meditation

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Day 26 of my 31 words in 31 days experiment!

Today’s Word:  MEDITATE

I meditate everyday.  I’m not very good at it but I do it every morning and usually in the evening too.  But on Meditation day I failed miserably!

I could not keep my mind focused on anything.  I was constantly distracted and never had a moment to myself.  I tried my regular morning meditation and instead of an inner calm, I ran through my “To Do” list.  I tried meditating while brushing my teeth and all I could think about is what I was going to wear that day.  I set an alarm on my phone to go off every few hours to do quick meditations and every time it went off, I turned the alarm off and went back doing what I was doing.

I was so frustrated.  The entire day went by and I didn’t have one reflective/inner moment that I could recall.  I even tried a guided meditation before bed and I fell asleep within minutes.  So I guess my lesson for today is not to force my mediation practice.  The more forced it is, the less likely I am to tune out all the noise around me!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony

#MeditationMonday for the Mainstream!


Posted on 22nd June 2010 by EnSpir8ion in Energy |Meditation

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Meditation is an amazingly simple way to transform your life, but so many people shy away from it for a number of reasons:

  • It’s too strange
  • It takes too much time
  • I can’t make that kind of commitment
  • It seems pointless to sit still
  • I don’t know how

I too had all of those same excuses, so I can relate, but I challenge you to meditate for 10 minutes the next 4 Mondays and see if you can see a difference.  If you can’t; at least you gave it a try, but if you can, you’re about to change your life!  How cool is that?!

A simple meditation:

  • Sit in a comfy chair in a quiet room
  • Set your intention (Tell yourself why you are meditating:  “I’m meditating today to have clearer mind” or “I’m meditating because I need guidance in my life.”, etc…)
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes (There’s an app for that!)
  • Close your eyes
  • Breathe normally, but count your breaths.
  • If your mind wanders, refocus your mind on your breathing and start counting over.
    • You can also focus your thoughts on your intention but I found that hard to when I first started meditating.
  • Keep doing this for the 10 minutes.

Don’t beat yourself up if your mind wanders.  Your mind was made to think, so it’s only natural that your mind will start to roam.

If you get antsy, that’s normal too!  You not only have to train your mind for this, but your body too!  It will get easier!

I’m not an expert at meditation, in fact I think I’m a novice, but I believe so much in the benefits, I want to share with you what I know!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony!

Meditation- If I can do it, You can do it!


Posted on 18th June 2010 by EnSpir8ion in Meditation


I’ve always been intrigued by people who could meditate, but never thought it was something I could ever do.  I’ve spent years of my life avoiding silence.  I always had the T.V. or radio on and my iPod was my constant companion.  My skin would crawl if I had to sit in silence.  I would freak out when we lost power.  So with my fear of silence, I moved very slowly towards a mediation ritual.  It has literally taken me years to be comfortable with a 15-minute meditation session.

To help me disconnect I did things gradually:

  • During the week, I would not watch the news or listen to the radio while getting ready for work. (This took a year to get used to, now I can’t stand to be distracted in the morning)
  • I stopped watching the news at night.
  • I began leaving my iPod home a few days a week.
  • If I was reading or writing I turned off anything that made noise (yes, I would read books, while the TV was on).

These changes I implemented slowly and now that I had proof that silence wouldn’t kill me I was ready to accept mediation into a daily practice.  I started with 5 minutes a day and worked my way up to 30 minutes and then I stopped meditating altogether.  I took a long break and started up again 3 months ago and I’m back up to 15 minutes a day. To my surprise, I now look forward to my morning meditation and even if I’m running late, I still do at least 10 minutes.  I can’t imagine starting my day without it.

I need to point out that I’m still kind of terrible at meditating, my mind wanders and sometimes I can’t sit still, but even terrible mediators like myself can benefit from it.  The best result (so far), my creativity that had been dormant for about a year has been reawakened.  I didn’t realize how lost I was without it and I’m so happy to have it back!

Good luck to you on your meditation journey!

Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony!