Law of Attraction (LOA) on the Web


Posted on 21st February 2011 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Law of Attraction |Positive Thoughts

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Magnet IconI’ve been a firm believer of the Law of Attraction since I picked up the book “The Secret” four years ago.  It sounds silly to me to say I believe in the Law of Attraction, it’s like saying I believe in gravity.  Both of them are always working just one is more tangible than the other.

There are so many good books out there on LOA and living positively, I bet I could read a book a day and it would take years to get through them all. But where the LOA community fails (In my opinion) is on the web.  Every website I’ve visited lately, provides very little information, and is all about selling books or programs and are filled with other advertisements.  They are ugly, uninspiring and feel very prey-ish.  Even some of my favorite authors have similar terrible website styles.

I’ll admit it, I was first attracted to the LOA because of the idea attracting money to myself, but what I quickly realized was what I really wanted is peace, love, joy, harmony and happiness in my life.  And that is exactly what I’m attracting to myself now. I understand you need a gimmick to get peoples attention, but there is so much more to living a positive life, I wish those attributes were reflected better on the web, especially from some of the top promoters of the subject.

Ok, I’m done being negative, back to the positive side of the world!