Gratitude for Energy – Gratitude Challenge – Day 6


Posted on 6th November 2011 by Theresa Enspir8ion in Gratitude |Gratitude Challenge

Today I am so very thankful that I had energy to get some things done.  I have Fibromyalgia so energy is a little hard to come by, but Yea!, today I had energy!

I’m thankful I had energy to:

  • Do my laundry
  • Work on Social Media
  • Play with the dog
  • Clean part of the house
  • Play a game
  • Sort through some photos
  • Catch up on e-mails
  • Read some interesting blogs
  • Take out the garbage
  • Do a little work

All and all a great day!  I hope you enjoyed your day too!  What are you grateful for today?


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